Justin Lee

Purdue University Class of 2025

User Experience Design Major

Minor in Anthropology

Certificate of Entrepreneurship

Black and white image of Justin Lee, the creator of this portfolio.

Showcase Projects

Local Boating Services

I had the unique opportunity to design and build a new website & social media assets for local boating company Classic Boat Works during the summer of 2023.

Web & Design Consultancy
Lead Project Designer
A screenshot of the Classic Boat Works home page.

Retail Design Fictions

Our design fictions with Zebra Technologies imagine the physical retail space 10-15 years in the future, and how Zebra can prepare with new technologies.

Design Fictions
Futuristic Retail Experience
AI-generated image of retail design fictions.

The Future of Banking

Our team's work with FreedomPay aided the design of a loyalty program payment system that seamlessly integrates the businesses around us into our daily lives.

Loyalty Payment
Fintech Design Architecture
Mockup of loyalty payment system.

Camping in the Digital Era

An RV is like a second home on wheels. Our team collaborated with Element Three to redesign their QR code infrastructure for shoppers looking at Newmar vehicles.

QR Code Experience
First Experience Studio Project
Newmar RV

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