Camping in the Digital Era

An RV is like a second home on wheels. Our team collaborated with Element Three to redesign their QR code infrastructure for shoppers looking at Newmar vehicles.


QR Code Redesign

The Challenge

The Newmar Corporation, a luxury RV manufacturer, approached marketing consultancy agency Element Three with the task of gathering customer analytics while shopping for their RVs. Element Three initially solved this with QR codes for on-lot RVs, but they soon realized most customers weren't scanning these codes. Our team was tasked with creating incentives for customers to scan the QR codes and enter their information.


  • Understand RV customer shopping patterns.
  • Research strategies and techniques that incentivize shoppers to personally connect with on-lot RV interactions.
  • Redesign the former QR code experience to encourage customers to learn more about their potential RV, and provide Element Three with additional experiences for customers.

My Role

This was my first semester-long UX studio project, and I was thrilled to learn how to work on a team effectively as well as how to apply my UX skills in the real world. During the semester I assisted with on-site interviews and research about RV shopping patterns. I also created the current QR experience cognitive walkthrough, and recreated a floor plan comparison page to help customers better visualize different floor plans.

On-Lot Tour

What is the process of RV sales at a dealership?

Our team had the unique opportunity to visit the Mount Comfort RV dealership and an RV show in order to uncover the key aspects of the customer / sales representative interactions on a showroom floor and how customers interacted with Newmar’s QR codes. Our team started with a tour through the two Newmar showroom RVs, guided by a sales representative. Then we started to dive deeper into the strategies the salesperson used while talking to customers.


At the RV show, we scanned the QR codes of other RV companies to compare the experience to Newmar’s and observed how customers interacted with sales representatives and QR codes.


Our team aimed to discern and understand the RV buying process from the customer’s perspective. Specifically, our team wanted to learn about customer pain points during the buying process.


  • Other QR codes direct customers to the company's website, not to a unique experience like Newmar’s.
  • Customers want a sense of familiarity going into the shopping experience.
  • Getting a customers email and phone number is the most important step of the process for dealers.
  • According to the owner of Mt. Comfort, a customer is generally defensive when coming to the lot because they don’t want to be sold something they don’t want. It is helpful for the dealer to know what RV a customer currently owns.

Cognitive Walkthrough

How does Element Three's QR experience work now?

Our team put ourselves in the shoes of RV customers, ideating the possible questions and concerns of customers within each page of the QR code environment. Those questions focused on understanding where a button or link would redirect a customer to, and how visible floor plan images were (since the main function of the QR code is to display the floor plans for each model).

Comparing Floor Plans

Models are listed horizontally when viewing the “See All Floor Plans” page, making the visually similar images hard to differentiate between.

After clicking the “Compare” checkbox, the images are still too small to clearly see the differences without zooming, which may cause customer confusion.

Site Navigation

After clicking the “Read More” button in the What You’ll Find Inside homepage section, customers are redirected to a page that includes detailed information about the selected feature, but the bottom half of the page is a duplicate of the "What You’ll Find Inside" section.

All links are denoted using red text, but some links are outlined by a box, while others are not and there is no distinction between internal and external links, creating more confusion for the consumer.


  • The way the information is presented is visually confusing, especially for the target user of customers aged 65+.
  • The “enlarge” button while comparing floor plans does not tell customers additional information about the interior and exterior features of the RV.
  • The site has no clear distinction between links/buttons that redirect customers to internal pages (within the current QR code environment) vs external pages (such as Newmar’s website).


What features will customers appreciate when RV shopping?

After taking the time to understand what customers look for while researching potential RVs, the team took time to sketch ideas that would improve customer interaction while viewing the QR code experience. Our team had three big ideas:

Comparing Floor Plans

Actual comparison of the two floor plans would be side-by-side. Users can scroll down to see both unique and similar features of each RV floor plan.
Gallery overview of all floorplans, allowing customers to navigate through the many different floor plans in an easier fashion.


While touring on-lot Newmar RVs, customers would be given the opportunity to view all the different floor plans Newmar offers, further incentivizing their purchase.
purpose of the build-a-coach experience is to show users all the options Newmar offers while creating a custom RV.

AR & VR Experience

A video loaded onto the users phone could be inserted into the headset to provide more details about a specific floor plan the user could be interested in.

Final Designs

Our team's improved on-lot QR code experience & other solutions

We’ve improved the current QR experience, provided by Element Three, and created a cleaner and more approachable design that provides relevant information to both customers and Newmar. Below are the main features of the QR landing page.

Model Description

The model name, starting price, and short description  open the page and lets customers know the QR code matches the model they are standing in.

Interactive Image

Customers are also greeted with an interactive 360º image of the model. This allows them to quickly view select angles of the exterior of the model.

Improved CTA Buttons

The current floor plan and brochure Call-To-Action buttons serve to provide customers with relevant information and increase engagement.

Additional Solutions


This recommendation allows customers to explore the extensive options Newmar RVs provide via a guided Build-A-Coach application. It contains two sections, the design experience and a fine-tuning section for additional features.

AR & VR Experience

This was a speculative approach in creating an enhanced on-lot shopping experience that immerses the buyer in the RV customization process using AR. Customers can find the experience when putting on a pair of AR goggles during a dealership visit.


What did I learn and how did I grow?

This was my very first UX studio project, and I couldn't have had a better experience. Not only were my senior UX peers helpful in their mentoring, they were also very kind and were able to answer any questions I had regarding UX as a whole or related questions. Below are a few things I learned on this project, and how I can use them in my future endeavors.

  • I realized how important creating a portfolio was! On our very first day I was shown some of my classmate's portfolios and I was blown away, inspired to create something remotely similar. I hope this portfolio lives up to those standards!
  • I learned the UX workflow, specifically the importance of sketching and collaborating. My senior team members would request us to all come to class with a few sketches prepared to share, and they really helped shape my understanding.
  • I also learned how to present my ideas in a formal manner so they can be carefully critiqued and evaluated. Prior to this realization, my ideas were always "half-baked" in the hopes of expanding on it with others. Now, I understand the importance of having a full idea and how each aspect can be tweaked or elaborated.

Thank you to everyone on the Element Three team that I had the pleasure to work with. I hope our ideas and solutions can help provide forward momentum for the work you provide to Newmar!

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