When I start a project...

I obsess over it...

Checking every detail...

Until it's exactly how it needs to be.

Hi! I'm Justin Lee

Thank you for stopping by!

I currently attend Purdue University's class of 2025, studying UX Design. I’m also pursuing a minor in Anthropology and a Certificate of Entrepreneurship.

I’ve had the pleasure to work with companies such as Element Three, a marketing consultancy agency, Newmar, a luxury RV manufacturer, FreedomPay, a fintech giant, and Zebra Technologies, a digital retail management group.

I approach everything I do with curiosity and a determination to learn more: it’s part of who I am.

I was recently given the opportunity to expand my UX skills abroad with Northumbria University in Newcastle, England. There, I worked on a web-based medical portal for ColoSpeed, a growing research platform for the early diagnosis of bowel cancer.

Outside of the UX world, I love spending time outdoors. Another passion of mine is music: I’ve spent 15 years and counting playing the piano.

My Design Philosophy

1. Continuous Learner

The way users are interacting with technology is ever-evolving. As a result, new methods of analysis, user research, and other tools to engage users in inquiry are being developed as well. I strive to forever be in pursuit of knowledge and growth so I can stay competent as a designer and perspicacious as a person.

2. Function and Form

The primary function of a design solution is to solve a user's problem in the most intuitive way possible. With that being said, there's no reason why it can't be elegant as well. I believe that a good solution functions well, and a great solution embodies a timeless design as well.

3. Empathetic Design Process

The designer is not the user. Therefore, it is our job to listen to our users as best we can in order to truly understand their needs and expectations. A passion for empathy-led thinking is the engine that runs my design philosophy.

4. Collaborative Connections

Design is not just about collaborating with those around you, its about making a deep connection with your peers and users to transform their problems into elegant solutions. Every collaboration serves to share design thinkings and to connect in a meaningful way.


I work hard to ensure every solution I create embodies my core design principles in the most efficient and elegant way possible. Here are my core skills:


Affinity Diagramming
Secondary Research
Business Oragami

UX Design

Evidence-Based Designs
Participatory Design
Design Workshops
Design Fictions


Evaluative Research
User Journey Maps
Usability Testing


Cognitive Walkthrough
Heuristic Evaluation
Case Studies
UX Audit

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