Organic Social Interactions

With the isolating side effects of remote work becoming increasingly common, our team worked with FordLabs to create an interaction solution for work & social events.


Interaction Platform

The Challenge

FordLabs is an innovation team that works Ford Automotive Group-affiliated businesses to champion new solutions to existing problems. With remote job opportunities becoming increasingly common, FordLabs has discovered many of their employees feel isolated from their coworkers, and seek a solution that creates organic social interactions to foster open, natural, and engaging collaboration.


  • Establish foundational knowledge of the problem space and gather insights through interviews to inform our journey map.
  • Generate ideas, concepts, and sketches that support our research through design workshop activities to create organic social interactions for FordLabs employees.
  • Iteratively test and prototype a solution that directly involves our stakeholders and their needs.

My Role

I was a leading team member along with the other studio four students in this project. My contributions were as follows:

  • Interviewed multiple stakeholders about their existing experience using social interaction tools.
  • Organized a design workshop with the goal of generating solutions through virtual roleplay scenarios and iterative sketching activities.
  • Led weekly sponsor meetings to iterate on their constructive feedback & conducted concept and usability testing on prototypes.

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